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Surrender Spell Candles


Set intention into your spell candles and let the universe do its job. 

Set of six, 4” candles. Each pack comes with lavender.

ways to burn your intentions:

* our candles have already been cleansed and infused with intention and good energy to help boost your spell. Always use a fire proof plate, large enough to hold the melted wax. 

• You can melt some wax and add the lavender on the candle while you think of your intentions.

• On a small piece of paper write your intention, as if it has already happened, put the candle on top of paper and add lavender on top of paper. 

• use a knife or toothpick and write your intention on candle  

• hold candle in your hand, close your eyes and think of the intention in your mind with great detail  


  Never leave candle unattended. 1 hour burn time for each candle.