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In Person Candle Making Workshop!


Join us for an amazing hands-on candle making experience in Bethel, Connecticut!

In this workshop, participants will learn how to make 1 candle. A candle crafting expert will walk you through the candle making process, including how to:

  • choose your vessel (price will vary). This price includes one standard 12oz clear glass jar. Option to upgrade available 
  • choose your wick (cotton or wood)
  • choose your label
  • choose your fragrance oils or create your own unique scent
  • Prepare candle jars
  • choose your crystals
  • choose your flowers
  • choose your charms
  • Mix and pour candle wax
  • decorate your candle
  • set your intentions

The experience takes about 2 hours. Wax may take 45-1 hour to cure, during that time you can go grab a bit, check out a consignment store next door. Or hang at the store, we have books and divination tools you can use.  



Feel free to bring your own wine. 


We can only host 1 - 4 guest during Wednesdays- Sunday 11-6pm. 

5 + guest can only be done after 6pm Wednesday - Saturday. After 5pm on Sundays. After the store is closed. 

Monday and Tuesday can be done at any time. 

we can also travel to the CT, NYC and MA area. Price will vary depending on location