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Macaw Indigenous Goddess Original Acrylic Art


Original Acrylic Art on Canvas. The art piece has been folded to give it a rippling cracked effect. 
Art 32 x 54"

Macaws are icons of Central and South America, dominating the skies with their stunning colours of blues, greens, reds and golds. They feature some of the most endangered and rarest breeds in the world.

Macaws had enormous significance in Mesoamerican history. For more than two millennia the birds were bred and traded between tribes and their feathers were used in important tribal rituals. In Mayan, Inca and Aztec cultures, macaws were seen as being representatives of the sun gods. The bird’s feathers were frequently used in headdresses, armour and other attire and decoration, they were even mimicked using other materials as a tribute to the birds.

Macaws are the second most intelligent parrots and one of the smartest types of birds in the world being able to feel things like jealousy and love and are very good at reading human emotions. They are also known to have incredibly good creative, logical and predictive thinking