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Love Cauldron


The perfect cauldron for conjuring up love of all types, self love, relationships, friendships and confidence. Topped with rose quartz crystals and lots of magic. Set Your intentions when lighting. 

real cast iron cauldron with lid. made with our most popular scent, luna Bella I’d a blend of peaches, apples, roses and white cedar and. sandalwood. 

Natural smell of herbs and flowers may slightly interfere with scent chosen

*** PLEASE NOTE: During hot months, candles have a possibility of slightly melting, resulting in crystals and flowers falling off/loosening during shipment :(. Unfortunately, there's no way around this at the moment (hot delivery trucks, long travel periods, and packages being left under the sun for too long are the causes) Please understand this prior to making a candle purchase.

A few tips to think about:

-sign up for text alerts through shipping company website.

-coordinate with your neighbor to ensure they can bring your package indoors if you are not home when item is delivered

-To the extent you experience the problem mentioned above I am more than happy to guide you on how to put the items back in your candle (DM me if any problems).

-Your business means a lot to us and we are looking at preventative measures we can take to mitigate the risk of the above happening during transit, it rarely happens but better safe than sorry. We are on the east coast, the closer you are to us during these hot months the less likely you'll have any issues. In the interim, we truly thank you for your understanding