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LIVE candle making


Join me live on live and decorate your own candle. You choose it all, crystals, flowers, price , theme etc and I’ll put it together live on tik tok. 

$28 candles are in a standard clear glass 12 oz jar.

$45+ candles can be made in a different style jar with extra crystals, the higher the price, the higher the crystal quality  

Please note in the notes section any special request. Please be ready with your idea 

Custom labels can also be made for you  or you can choose any of our already made labels (samples on website )

crystals available: 

• amethyst - third eye, spiritual healing, anxiety and/or depression 

• clear quartz - manifesting, clarity, and/or healing 

• obsidian - protection, grounding and/or negative energy 

• kunzite - heart chakra, beauty, nurturing 

• green aventurine - money, wealth, luck 

• rose quartz - love, self love, confidence and/or friendship 

• crystal shapes are available for the higher priced candles  for example, towers, ghost, animal shapes, moon shapes etc 


Flower colors :

• white

• pink

• red 

• purple 

• black 

• green 

Extras :

• evil eye

• moon charms

• buddhas

• butterflies

• snakes

• croc charms


Scents will be intuitively chosen for you ! 


in notes section you can comment what you’d like. If you have any particular theme, love, zen, mermaid, witchy etc.

The higher the price the better the crystals/jars.