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Cancer Candle


Cancer June 21 - July 22

The crab, water sign, ruler of the 4th house, ruled by the moon. ⁣

⁣This sea creature reflects its ruler, the Moon. There is tidal quality to this sign, energy levels and emotional states can wax and wane. In astrology the moon governs emotions and intuitive behaviors. ♋️ The symbol represents the claws of the crabs. In symbolic terms, the glyph is two circles of the sun connected to two crescent moons. Special colors for cancer are blues and silver, representing the shimmering colors of the water and moon. ⁣



Made to order.  Crystals, flowers, jars and embellishments may vary depending on what's in stock, nonetheless I will do my best to make it similar and just as magical. Feel free to request specific crystals and color in the notes section at check out 

Hand poured soy wax made with love and good intentions. Our candles are artistically designed with passion.

 Candles CANNOT be burned with flowers and embellishments inside, remove before lighting. Burning instructions sent with every order plus noted on bottom of candle jar

11oz candle with 90-100 hour burn time.


The natural smell of herbs and flowers topped on the candle may interfere with the scent chosen. 

* sometimes our scents are not in stock, please note a second option. If nothing is noted, we will choose a similar scent

Vesta is a magical mixture of berries, lemon, fresh woody pine, eucalyptus, cedar leaf evergreens and a hint of juniper.

Luxe Noir is a captivating scent for both feminine and masculine candle lovers . It is infused with sage, hints of grapefruit, orange and a touch of lavender. To give it depth we added some white oak moss and tonka. A very luxurious and elegant scent.

Luna Bella is a beautiful sweet scent made with peach and apple notes. Mixed in with some sandalwood, musk, white cedar, and roses. Inspired by a BBW fragrance.

Lavender Dreams is a relaxing mixture of lavender, jasmine,  and a touch of roses. Bottom notes include warm woody musk and sandalwood

Celestial is a cosmic blend of spice and floral luxurious tones adding a dramatic blend of lush woods, including sandalwood, oak and fruit wood. Inspired by BBW Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance.

Egyptian Goddess is legendary mixture of earthy patchouli and warm spices. We added a goddess touch of florals and blooming lilies with hints of vanilla creating an exotic unique smell.