Weather is hot ☀️Please make sure to set up delivery alerts 📦and get your neighbors to help get your candle out of the box to prevent it from melting 🫠

Candle Making Workshop


Join us for an amazing hands-on candle making experience in Bethel, Connecticut!

In this workshop, participants will learn how to make 1 candle. A candle crafting expert will walk you through the candle making process, including how to:

  • choose your vessel (price will vary). This price includes one standard 12oz glass jar
  • choose your wick
  • choose your label, or design your own
  • Blend fragrance oils to create your own unique scent
  • Prepare candle jars
  • choose your crystals
  • choose your flowers
  • choose your charms
  • Mix and pour candle wax
  • decorate your candle
  • set your intentions


Feel free to bring your own wine. 


We can host 1 - 20 guest in our space. We can also travel to your event!