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Archangel Soy Candles


In religious writing, an archangel is the most important angel of all, sometimes described as ranking above the regular angels. Choose your angel and let it guide you through your journey. 

Candle topped with crystals according to the angel, baby's breath and 2 angel wing charms, each wing is a necklace charm, one for you, and then gift one to someone who needs the guidance of the angel. 


Raphael - Master Healer

Michael - Master Protector

Gabriel - Master Communicator

Chamuel - Bringer of Love

Raguel - Bringer of Harmony

Azrael - Angel of Rebirth

Jophiel - Master of Joy

Daniel -  Master of Grace

Ariel - Master of Courage

Uriel - Master of Peace

Metatron - Master of Spirituality

Nathaniel - Master of Ambition

Sandalphon - Master of Intentions

Zadkiel - Master of Forgiveness