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Surprise Gift Box, Monthly Box, Subscription Box, Mystery Box, Crystal Gift Box


What’s better than happy mail? Surprise mail! If you’re anything like me that gets super excited when you order something online, you just can’t wait to receive right? Imagine receiving a package full of magical surprises.

 All of your items will be intuitively handpicked by me. Feel free to request any specific colors, intentions or whatever you feel you need.  I promise to make it a magical surprise.  We usually just include crystals, but you can ask for it to be a variety of items. 

To get a more “thoughtful box” for example: unique box, moss, flowers and or extra embellishments Etc you’ll need to choose anything over $55

Each box includes a small note with a list of your items name and value. No specific descriptions + meanings added. If you need that included, please note it in the notes section at check out. 


 Your box will include anything from :

- crystals

-handmade items 

- soaps

- body products 

- art 

-essential oils 

-smudge tools

- candles

- home accents 

- necklace 

- bracelet

- earrings 

- rings

- pinS

- stationary 

- stickers 

- the list is endless