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Invoking The Divine

a workshop on working with deities


$25.00 per person



About this experience

Invoking the Divine: working with deities for beginners


$25 per person  • cash preferred  

Workshop by Renee Fleury

*In this workshop we will learn/I will cover:
-Why do we look to the gods for help?

-How to select which deity/deities to work with

(what are you drawn to?)

-What you need to know about the divine

-Getting to know your deities or pantheon

(building a rapport: do they like certain crystals, colors, herbs, flowers, offerings, what not to do, asking them questions, do they like statuary, setting boundaries)

-Working with multiple pantheons at once

(honoring their cultural values)

-Leaving proper offerings

(not just when you want something!)

-Relying on your intuition

-Harnessing your inner power through sacred introspection


*I will discuss some of my personal journey, and my work with a few different pantheons.

How does it all tie together?


*Workshop part will involve:

-opening/cleansing with singing bowls & sage (if allowed)

-brief introductions, including any background/experience they wish to share

-a guided meditation, in which we call upon our guides and ancestors to help us connect with the divine

-closing the meditation and reflection

-Participants may share (but don’t have to):

Which deity stepped through?

Is it one they are familiar with?

A completely random one?

Something they weren’t expecting?



-briefly thank our guides for joining us


-clearing the energy & breaking of the circle


we will sit on the floor. Please bring socks, a floor pillow and whatever else you'd like to use. 

Your Host

Renee J. Fleury is a druid and horticuluralist. Her background in anthropology aids in her approach to Spirit, treating all deities with due respect to their unique cultural backgrounds.