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Cauldron Soy Candles



PLEASE NOTE: The photos shown are just examples of what you can get, we can do our best to make it similar.   please feel free to make special request , colors, crystals etc 


feel free to choose your own scent or Unscented  


Magical ceramic cauldrons filled with soy wax and topped with magical crystals and real dried flowers. 

all handmade and carefully curated with magical intentions. 


Bruja A - Moon witch with a high grade amethyst cluster, a tiny amethyst sphere, some clear quartz points, tiny red jasper chops and a magical silver moon charm that can be used as a necklace. The scent is vesta. 

Bruja B - Amethyst witch with a high grade amethyst cluster, a beautiful amethyst tingle with a small rainbow , clear quarts points, red rose buds and a tiny purple moon. Scent is vesta 

Bruja C - Galaxy witch with a beautifully tie-colored quartz point, a magical angel aura quartz sphere and some purple statice flowers that have been carefully decorated in the shape of La Luna. Scent is vesta 


Bruja D - Tarot Luna witch topped with a beautiful moss agate moon, cute little quartz points, baby’s breath, a mini ace of wands tarot card which signifies taking action, trust your instincts, make use of that magical wand and get things done! The scent is Lavender Dreams 

Bruja E - Fae Love witch topped with a beautiful gemmy rose quartz points, a tiny rose quart mushroom, pink kunzips chips, pink roses and flowers and a magical gold mini man on the moon. Scent is celestial 

Bruja F - Pink Witch topped with a magical angel aira rose quartz sphere, lemurian quartz points, pink juniors chips and lots of confidence  magic. Scent is vesta 


blessings to you 💕