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Cacao Ceremony


$66.00 per person



About this experience


♡ Basic Info:
The ceremony will be on Sunday, June 5th from 2pm - 7pm (will vary with your confirmation)
♡ The loving exchange: 
Includes Ceremonial Cacao, materials for Earth Offering & alter creation (tobacco, copal, candles , flowers,herbs,ect) 

$66 per person 


♡ Intention:
We will commune with the heart medicine of Ix Cacao and connect with the spirit of Spring. As this season of New Life blesses us, we will gather to give thanks and honor the beauty of blooming within and around.
We will open sacred space with a Cacao Ceremony, and then together realize an Earth Offering, (a gratitude & blessing ritual for marking new beginnings.) We will connect with our voices to sing, anchor and elevate our prayers to Creation and Mother Earth, and close with a community sacred feast to celebrate the bounty and beauty of life.

♡ Preparations:
Think and feel into what New Beginning you're opening up for your life. We will use this time together to tune inwards and state a new commitment to ourselves and our lives as we witness & support each other's prayers.
Please make sure you had a good, light yet filling meal upon arrival, avoid caffeine 3 hours before and bring a bottle of water, a cushion + blanket for a cozy set up.
*Elements for the Earth Offering will be provided, yet feel free to bring your favorite flowers, sage, tobacco, a crystal, a shell, or anything you feel like offering to the Earth that is representative of what you are giving thanks for / calling into your life. You also bring any extra flowers or crystals for the altar we will create together as an offering or to change up with our love