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Aura Photography


$45.00 per person



About this experience

Your aura is, in a basic sense, the energy that surrounds you. For most people it’s constantly in flux and responds to major events in our lives, our surroundings, and the energies of the people around us. While many people have had the experience of sensing another’s energy, few of us—before the implementation of aura photography—could see auras, which manifest as brightly-colored mist around the body. You are energy!  Come to Lunastry and experience what your energy looks like with Aura Photography!  Learn about your personality and see your aura in real-time using this innovative technology.

Aura photography has been around for over 40 years, it's a unique experience that is absolutely perfect for those looking to learn more about energy by understanding their Aura and walking away with an aura photograph and a 10 minute reading explaining what the colors mean for you.Photo inlcudes a short detailed explanation of the colors shown in your aura. 



Don't want a reading and just a photo? walk ins available contingent on availability. $25 per photo.