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Aura Experience


$45.00 per person



About this experience

Aura photo + 10 minute reading.


Photo only option available for walk-ins, depending on time availability.


What color is your Aura?

 All colors have their own energy; energy that vibrates at a specific frequency to produce each color. What if I said that even you have a special array of colors radiating from you? It’s true! And your energetic color patterns have much to say about your personality, well-being, and spiritual purpose. 

What is an aura?

An aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds a living thing. The frequency of the vibration of an aura makes it a different color. Emotions and thoughts create different aura vibrations, which make it so everyone has a unique aura color combination. An aura is also sometimes referred to as the “subtle energy body” in esoteric traditions because it’s the energetic component of one’s physical body.

This is a fun and unique experience.

 Can my aura’s color change?

Your aura changes colors very often, which is why learning to tune into your aura’s energy can be a very beneficial practice. Shifting from a negative to positive mindset can change your aura color,  going from happy to sad even when ill.

Your aura will even change based on what you’re doing in a certain moment. For example, the colors of your aura will be different if you’re laughing and playing at the park with a loving dog compared to when you're calculating a budget for the month and paying bills. This is because you are calling on different energies to successfully do these things, and the aura energy present is based on your thoughts, feelings, and intentions of the moment.

Additionally, just like how your physical body changes with time, so does your aura. As you go through different stages in life, your aura will shift as well. There are energetic themes you’re moving through relative to your current phase of life that will impact the color of your aura.